Terms updated – what is a certified translation?

With the bureaucracy involved in many official procedures, it’s often hard to know exactly what is required of you, and getting a certified translation is no exception. Definitions and requirements differ considerably depending where you are, and it’s not always easy to find out exactly what either is in the jurisdiction relating to your needs. Such that I have known successful, well-established translators who are baffled by this minefield, most of whom stick well-clear of certified work for that reason.

I offer certified translation; when first asked to undertake one I researched considerably before accepting, and now include what I mean by that in my terms and conditions, Continue reading

Launching Out

I’ve wanted to start a translation and interpreting blog for a while. Not because I think I have anything earth-shattering to add to the magnificent content already being shared by some of the industry’s finest, but for reasons I will touch upon in another post shortly.

This, rather than a first post, is more of a first announcement. To say good morning, everyone, and I look forward to hopefully interacting with like-minded or interested persons in the near future!

Discovery vessel on lift off from launchpad surrounded by billows of smoke

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