Why blog?

In my launch announcement last week I said I would explain some of my reasons for wanting to blog, and it seemed sensible to fulfil that promise before I forget about it completely. So please find below my initial thoughts on why I wanted to give this a go. Well, some of them. You may have heard these before, you may strongly disagree…feel free to add your thoughts to the comments if you feel that way inclined!

So. Why do people blog? The pessimist in me answers that with, to boost google interest in your site. And while it is true that regularly updated content is google-friendly, the more cheerful side of me thinks people sharing on professional blogs care about more than just a boost to the hit-counter. So why else does a busy interlingual communication expert add blogging to their activities?

To engage with peers

This is more than just networking. From what I’ve seen out there, many interpreting/translation bloggers genuinely want to offer the benefits of their experience to others in the profession. I’ve certainly been helped by words of wisdom coming from their keyboards! Some share tips and expertise, others share the ups as well as the downs of their professional journey. Almost all the ones I’ve read, and certainly those I subscribe to are consistently relevant and interesting to fellow linguists.

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