ORCIT: Open online resources for interpreters

I’m planning a future post on the National Network for Interpreting resources, but in the meantime I wanted to mention a similar project inspired by it. Although the materials on the ORCIT website (Online Resources for Conference Interpreter Training) are aimed primarily at trainee interpreters (and their trainers), the resources in question deal with several transferable skills, and are relevant to many others.

ORCIT is funded by the EU interpreting services, SCIC, and is a suite of free, open resources for interpreter training. The materials are stand-alone, and can act as a reference point to clarify or consolidate what trainees learn in class, as well as offering practice exercises for the new skills they will be learning.

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The industry’s finest…

I’d better start with a disclaimer; I’m not trying to state that the individuals or businesses featured here are the best language professionals out there, in their field/specialism/combination or generally. Neither am I making any official statement regarding their ranking in the great translator/interpreter blogosphere. This is just a link to some of industry bloggers, podcasters and prolific/active social media posters whose contributions I find thought-provoking or motivating. Most of them are high-profile so you may have heard of them already!

Blogs in English

Thoughts on Translation by Corrine McKay – Corrine is the President-Elect of the American Translators Association, and as well as this engaging and helpful blog runs online courses for translators. She’s also published a very well-received book on getting started in the industry.

Musings from an overworked translator by Jill Sommer – some interesting industry news or advice. Jill also posts a linguistically-themed cartoon every Wednesday.

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