The industry’s finest…

I’d better start with a disclaimer; I’m not trying to state that the individuals or businesses featured here are the best language professionals out there, in their field/specialism/combination or generally. Neither am I making any official statement regarding their ranking in the great translator/interpreter blogosphere. This is just a link to some of industry bloggers, podcasters and prolific/active social media posters whose contributions I find thought-provoking or motivating. Most of them are high-profile so you may have heard of them already!

Blogs in English

Thoughts on Translation by Corrine McKay – Corrine is the President-Elect of the American Translators Association, and as well as this engaging and helpful blog runs online courses for translators. She’s also published a very well-received book on getting started in the industry.

Musings from an overworked translator by Jill Sommer – some interesting industry news or advice. Jill also posts a linguistically-themed cartoon every Wednesday.

Blogs in Spanish

Algo más que traducir by Pablo Muñoz – I haven’t read a great many of Pablo’s posts, so I can’t speak for the blog as a whole…but the few that I’ve read I’d certainly recommend!


100 percent translations by Paul Urwin – A trove of useful audio, mainly in interviews with translators, interpreters and others in the industry. A good way to find others worth following, too!

That’s all for now! Feel free to comment with your own suggestions.